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Tourism and Event Management: What are journals

This is a subject guide for Tourism and Event Management students at Cape Peninsula University of Technology

What are the journals

What is a journal?

A journal is like magazine with an  academic / scholarly focus and written by scholars, experts in their research field.

What is the difference between a book and a journal article?

A book is comprehensive text on a subject area and is published once off.

Journal articles are shorter, and more specific.  They are also called periodicals, published periodically / more frequently than books.  Unlike books they are current and have the latest  information to date.

Why use journals?

  • They are usually current, relevant with the latest information available.
  • As most of them have been checked by other academics (i.e. peer reviewed), they are more reliable than general web articles and newspaper articles.
  • They are shorter to read than books.

Where are the journals

At CPUT Libraries we have both print and electronic journals.

Print journals are organized into three groups: Current and Bound  and  Grotto. Here’s where to find them:

  • The Current Journals display is on the 3rd level of the Library, left side at the end of the staircase.  These are the current year.
  • The Bound Journals are found also on the 3rd floor, right side at the end of the staircase.  Journals of the past 10years are housed in this section (2014-2004)
  • The Grotto we housed old journals +10 years.

Electronic journals can be found in two ways. If you know exactly the title of the journal use the  A-Z list . If you are just looking for journal articles in general, use the  Databases