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Chemistry: Books

This guide is designed to meet the information needs of Department of Chemistry at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in the Applied Science Faculty


Use the library catalogue ( Primo ) and the library search engine to find books and articles in the library. Access  requires users to first register using their CPUT email address.

 Browse and search the eBooks collection that CPUT subscribes to via these platforms:


If you are off-campus, before searching, click on "I am off campus" link. The off-campus access items are available only to CPUT users!

Keyword search terms  can be  a chemical substance example  amphetamines, ivoryberyllium or it can be a class of substances like drugs, metals or a particular environment like water, soil, blood. Very important is "identify and combine your key words" 

Examples: blood analysis, pesticides analysis.

My Library account

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Log in to My library account :

username :  student number
Password: date of birth  (YYYYMMDD)

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Contact IT service or call (021) 9596407

How to find Books on the Shelves?

Library books are arranged according to Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system. The system groups related items together according to discipline or subject, making it easier for the user to retrieve information. The 10 main broad categories are:
  • 500 Science
  • 510 Mathematics
  • 520 Astronomy
  • 530 Physics
  • 531 Classical mechanics; solid mechanics
  • 532 Fluid mechanics; liquid mechanics
  • 533 Gas mechanics
  • 534 Sound & related vibrations
  • 535 Light & infrared & ultraviolet phenomena
  • 536 Heat
  • 537 Electricity & electronics
  • 538 Magnetism
  • 539 Modern physics
  • 540 Chemistry & allied sciences
  • 541 Physical chemistry
  • 542 Techniques, equipment & materials
  • 543 Analytical chemistry
  • 546 Inorganic chemistry
  • 547 Organic chemistry
  • 548 Crystallography
  • 549 Mineralogy

Learn more about DDC

Free Online Reference Sources (Dictionaries, encyclopaedia...)

This dictionary is aimed at architects, students and all those interested in architecture terminology.

Bilingual Dictionaries
The following languages are covered: French, English, Spanish, German and Italian.

Cambridge Dictionaries Online
There are at least 12 bilingual dictionaries and 6 English dictionaries available at this site.

Encyclopaedia Britannica Online Academic Edition

The Collins Dictionaries
The following languages are available: English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.  There is a thesaurus as well as a translator feature.
This dictionary provides reliable access to millions of English definitions and meanings, spelling, audio pronunciations, example sentences and word origins.  Content is licensed from trusted and established sources including American Heritage and Harper Collins.’s main source is based on The Random House Dictionary.

Digital dictionary
This is a glossary of photographic terms.

The Free Dictionary
This dictionary offers the following options:  dictionary/thesaurus ; medical dictionary, legal dictionary; financial dictionary; acronyms, idioms, encyclopedia.
Macmillan dictionary and thesaurus
This online dictionary is regularly updated, and includes a thesaurus, which is fully integrated into the entries.
Merriam Webster Online Dictionary
This site offers the following options: an English dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia and a medical dictionary.

Oxford dictionaries 
The highest quality dictionary and grammar content available built from Oxford’s extensive research programme is available free on and thelibrary has a copy of Oxford dictionary of chemistry
It provides users with over 1,000 modern synonyms and a suite of helpful features and tools to help people find the perfect word.

The Visual Dictionary
The Visual Dictionary combines dictionary-scale definitions with exceptional illustrations.  It is an indispensable visual reference that goes beyond object identification to answer questions about function, significance and purpose.

This is an online dictionary for Information Technology.  Webopedia definitions evolve and change as technology and standards changes, so definitions are frequently updated to reflect trends in the field. New terms are added on a regular basis 

Your dictionary
This dictionary is easy to understand with lots of tools to help you choose your words precisely, understand a word, avoid usage pitfalls and be confident in your use of words.

New Books