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Research Cycle Guide: 4. Managing your information

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There are three parts to managing your research information:

  • your notes,
  • your data,
  • and your readings.

This page has links to resources to help you keep track of it all.

Organize your notes

Managing research data

Introduction to Mendeley

CPUT Libraries recommends Mendeley as your personal bibliographic management tool.

Comparison table

Mendeley is just one tool to manage your references. This table compares the most popular personal citation managers.

Feature Mendeley Zotero Endnote
Cost Free for 2GIG Free for 300MB $249.95
Operating system Windows / Mac / Linux Windows / Mac / Linux Windows / Mac
Mobile compatility Official iOS app; unofficial Android app Unofficial iOS and Android apps Official iOS app
Citation styles Various Various Various
Word processor integration MS Word, Open Office MS Word, Open Office, Pages, Google Docs MS Word, Open Office, Pages

See Comparison of reference management software for more options.

Need help with referencing?

Your librarian can help you through the referencing maze. Make an appointment with your faculty librarian.