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ORCID and other researcher identifiers at CPUT: ORCID at CPUT

This guide gives an overview of unique author identifiers. It also gives information about the implementation of ORCID at CPUT.

ORCID implementation at CPUT

ORCID provides persistent digital identifier that distinguishes researchers from each other. Get unique author identifier that distinguishes yourself and your work from that of all other researchers by connecting it with your CPUT unique identifier. ORCID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID

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If you already have an ORCID iD, please use your account and connect your iD with your CPUT account. (It is advised to use your e-mail address to create your iD). 

Many publishers have implemented ORCID iD’s in the publishing process and researchers are required to register for ORCID iD’s before they submit manuscripts. Researcher ID information integrates with the CPUT staff account directory and is ORCID compliant. The integration of research information systems or platforms will make the submission, grant application, evaluation and ratings more seamless for CPUT researchers. 


Please contact your faculty librarian if you have any questions about ORCID.