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ORCID and other researcher identifiers at CPUT: Author Profile/ORCID ID

This guide gives an overview of unique author identifiers. It also gives information about the implementation of ORCID at CPUT.


Let the world discover you

ORCID - is an Open Researcher and Contributor ID that provides persistent digital identifier that distinguishes researchers from each other.

To benefit from ORCID, researchers need to:

Register for an ORCID iD for free 

② Use iD - combine all your work under one unique iD - see this example 0000-0002-4550-6334 

③ many publishers require authors to have ORCID iD's during publishing process



ORCID became a solution to the author or contributor name ambiguity problem in scholarly communication by creating a central registry of unique identifiers. ORCID help in the following areas:

  • Avoid misidentification
  • iD is linked to all research activities
  • Help researchers to manage their publication lists
  • Scholarly work is discovered
  • Help researchers to identify potential collaborators

What is ORCID?