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Maritime Studies: Audio Visual

This guide will provide students, researchers and staff with access to subject and information resources.

Audio-Visual Material available at Granger Bay Library


Audio-Visual Material available for viewing in the library


Accidents at Sea                                     Drills: a safety afficer's guide                            Fire in the Port

Fatal accidents in deep tanks                           The four key components of shipboard drills      Hear the coast guard describes the ICS system      
Death while doing maintenance work                                                                                     Follow an actual ship/shore exercise
Falls from a mast
Deadly accidents in the centre tank
Injuries from use of different hand tools
Slipping and falling injuries



 Preparation                                    ISPS Code and                             Scope of Plan                                  Security duties & 3 security levels

 Attack scenarios                             Maritime Transportation                 Response Measures                           Restricted areas & access                 

 Pre-survey checklist                        Security Act of 2002                      Plan outline 7 communication               control