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The architectural technologist is responsible for the application of construction technology in the architectural design process.

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What is an Architectural Technologist?

Architecture has been a vital part of human civilization for thousands of years. Our modern buildings may not look like the skin tents our earlier ancestors lived in but they do have several things in common; they incorporate design, are dependant on technology and function. Design, technology, and function; these are at the heart of the job of an Architectural Technologist.

Architectural Technologists are key members of the design team. They play a vital role in turning the design ideas of architects and engineers into practical, workable buildings. Architectural Technologists help research and prepare architectural drawings using special drafting software. They may also research building codes, test building materials for suitability, calculate cost estimates, building models based on architects’ designs, and oversee construction projects by monitoring and inspecting the work of builders.


Source: Architectural Institute of British Columbia

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