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For Researchers: Research Tools and Systems

This guide contain services available for CPUT Researchers

Book Lending Services

Book lending  – for all CPUT users

  • Undergraduates – 6 bks for 14 days plus 2 renewals
  • Post graduates – 12 bks for 30 days plus 2 renewals
  • Staff - 24 bks for 60 days plus 2 renewals
  • How to borrow books and other items from the library? browse through this guide

Inter-Brach Loan (IBL) - allow users to request library items with CPUT branches

How to request articles, books that are not  available at CPUT libraries? 

  • The Interlibrary loan (ILL) service allow researchers to place requests for materials not available at CPUT libraries. Please note that this service is only available to postgraduate students.

How to get new books?

Literature search tools

Where to start?

Theses and Dissertations - National and International 

Library databases, journals, books and other useful resources are accessible through: 

  • Topic search for scholarly articles, books and other sources is through  library search tool  
  • Search across CPUT databases or individual faculty databases and journals organised according to core and multi-disciplinary subjects 
  • To verify if we access to journal articles use the journal search or ISSN to search by journal  title see example here
  • Search ​Scopus / Elsevier database, an accredited research, abstract and citation analysis tool that provides bibliometric data for university rankings 
  • The above search box is a good place to start  searching Libraries' multidisciplinary databases .​
  • Library has Resources by Subjects  and this makes it easy to find subject specific information resources for the course or topic
  • CPUT Institutional Repository collects, preserves and distributes a growing collection of research outputs that include peer-reviewed articles, conferences, presentations, book chapters, OER's, data-sets and more. that contain all CPUT research output

Research Data Management Plan

Data Management Plan

CPUT Data Management Plan (DMP) is the university’s data management planning tool. It provides tailored guidance and examples to help researchers write data management plans. Funders require Data Management Plan (DMP) and data sharing. Create your own data management plan using CPUT Data Management Plan Tool.

Research data management / Finding, Creating, and Using Data

Research Data Management governs the process of research data creation, organisation, discovery, storage, sharing and security. Manage data more effectively following these steps:

  • Step 1: Development of a research plan
  • Step 2: Review of data sets
  • Step 3: Data collection and storage
  • Step 4: Publication of research data
  • Step 5: Training and support


eSango (Research Data Repositories)

CPUT Libraries support researchers with secured spaces for research data where authors can storeshare and discover research data using  eSango (CPUT Data Repositories) Figshare and MediaTum This makes it easy for research data  to be viewedaccessible and cited.  Share, save and publish research output in these open access data repositories. The Institutional Repository  allow researchers to share their research output in the University's open access institutional repository. Check publisher guidelines  on SHERPA/RoMEO for Terms of use, archiving policies, posting, sharing of your work in the institutional repository.

Researchers can store and publish research data through

Browse through a list of research data repositories by  as well as Data Cite registry to find datasets, software, images, and more research material.

For support and guidance Contact RDM office