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For Researchers: FAQ's

This guide contain services available for CPUT Researchers


I would like to have my thesis checked for plagiarism, who can I talk to about it?
   For Turnitin support you may contact Prof. McPherson ( )
Are there templates for doing a research proposal, literature review and thesis at CPUT? under the heading postgraduate guides.
Can you help me with page numbering ?
Can you help me generate a table of contents?
Help I'm having a problem with the off campus access to the databases.
When you encounter a problem logging on to the off campus access to databases, press the print screen button on your keyboard while the error is displayed on your screen. Open MS Word and right click on the page that is open, now click on paste and a picture of the error screen is now pasted in the doc. Save the document and email it to me with a short description of the problem. I will then forward it and put you in touch with the appropriate person to resolve the problem.
How long may a postgraduate student take an item out of the Library?
  • As a postgraduate student you are allowed to take a maximum 12 Library items at a time.
  • Your student card is your Library card.
  • The normal loan period for postgraduate students is 30 days and these items may be renewed for another 30 days before the expiry loan date.
  • If you cannot find an information resource such as a book in our Library stock then you may still be able to get it through our interlibrary loan service.